Fixed desk

DKK 2.500

ex. VAT per month

300/50 Mbit Internet

Access 24/7

Name on mail box and entrance sign

Your own adjustable desk

Priority access to meeting rooms

Flex spot

995 KR

ex. VAT per month

300/50 Mbit Internet

Access during regular opening hours (08-17:00)

Name on mail box

A spot at the shared main table

Access to meeting rooms


Print service

You get access to our printing facilities that covers basic printing in color and in Black & White.

Cold beverages

There are always cold beverages in the Fridge. Both water, sodas and even beers. You can use these supplies for meetings etc. or just for yourself on a warm day.


We always have coffee - and lots of it. We even have so much that you and your guests dont have to pay to drink it. If you are a coffee aficionado we do have the option to use our Nespresso machine with your own Nespresso capsules.


You will have access to WiFi and your guests can use our guest-network.


We have a TV for presentation purposes in our conference room.

Food service

You can sign up for our food service. Every day we get fresh food from a local food supplier.

Other services

Access to 3D printes and desktop CNC machine

Opportunity to host network meetings and events at Syndikatet for up to 25 people.

For all new members a Startup fee of DKK 995,00 applies
All contracts have a notice period of current month + 2 months