Loopaloupe ApS

Business development and Environmental concerns are not incompatible. Adapting to new sustainability challenges can be a strength and business opportunity for your organization. A sustainability strategy should be tailored to your companies need and resources. Loopaloupe ApS offers consultancy services to help enterprises to:

  • Evaluate their status on the sustainability journey and identify opportunities
  • Calculate the company CO2 emissions according to international standards
  • Calculate the products Carbon Footprint or Life Cycle Assessment
  • Use the company data to create a tailored sustainability strategy based on the market, resources and needs of different stakeholders.
  • Advice on internal and external communication about the above

You don’t know where to start to answer your customers or investors sustainability requirements? Do you want to know how many percentages of its emissions your company can reduce while keeping or increasing business opportunities?

Reach out. It can be a fulfilling and enriching journey!

Elsa Jarrige